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My Live TV – Internet TV at your fingertips – Your Way!

We are an internet broadcasting media platform, launching in Australia in 2016 with plans to expand internationally.


My Live TV’s vision is to become one of the most popular, reliable and user friendly internet broadcasting media platforms, which is easily accessible by everyone whether viewers or creators wanting to operate a financially successful online TV broadcasting business.


To successfully position My Live TV as a leading internet TV community, serving individuals and organisations who’s needs are not being met by traditional television broadcasters and to lead the way in the future of internet broadcasting.

MY – you can watch or broadcast what you want, when you want.

LIVE – you or your organisation can create, produce and upload live or pre-recorded material and broadcast it online to whoever you want on your very own TV show or TV channel/s.

TV – we provide White label options for your own website as well as hosted channels. Plus we help you get started with online ‘do-it-yourself’ TV production tools and technical support, empowering users to become fully independent producers through My Live TV.

You can Do it the ‘MY Live TV’ way!


Content owners can be individuals, organisations, groups or clubs, educational institutions, media companies, small or multinational business are provided the opportunity to create and broadcast their very own internet TV shows and TV channels to the world through their own website or ours, eliminating the huge upfront investment costs and expenses associated with traditional TV broadcasting.


My Live TV offers individuals the freedom to choose and schedule what they want to watch, when they want to watch it.


Register your no obligation interest in My Live TV NOW – (CLICK HERE), as either an online television or video content owner or producer, potential viewer or both of the My Live TV online Television community.




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Special Offer for all 'Pre-Launch Subscribers'


My Live TV is offering anyone who becomes a ‘Pre-Launch Subscriber’ of My Live TV exciting bonus offers.

  1. Your first years subscription will be open ended from the Beta Launch until the official launch – i.e. the 12 month period does not start until the official launch
  2. You will receive a trial working account during the Beta Launch, which you can use, with no additional bandwidth or storage costs (conditions will apply)
  3. You have the opportunity of suggesting features that may be included in the site launch
  4. We will welcome your valued input during the next stages of development
  5. Special ‘Pre-Launch Subscriber’ offers and discounts will be announced in the future
Subscribe Today!
Note: Details of access to your Trial working account will be made available when we launch our working Beta System.
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My Live TV Licensees


Have you ever dreamt of being a ‘Media Mogul’?

My Live TV is looking for people or businesses interested in becoming Licensees for geographical areas of population.

We need a human face on the ground to service our subscribers, viewers, content providers and advertisers.

Our current plan is to license areas of approximately 200,000 people per licence defined by postcodes.

Licensees would receive a commission on all income from subscribers, content producers, viewers and advertisers.

There are a broad range of potential income streams going to be made available as the business grows and commissions are paid based on income per postcode regardless on how the lead came to any My Live TV website.

My Live TV will eventually have in excess of 60 different websites to drive business.

Licensees will pay a once off license fee plus an annual renewal.

We are offering special arrangements to licensees who commit during the Pre-Launch phase.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in becoming a licensee for one or more license areas.

CLICK BELOW to submit an information request form.

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